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KREATTIV – Securing Funds for Maltese Schools and Colleges Creative Projects

Malta is arguably one of the most creative countries in the world. Almost every month there is a cultural celebration of some kind. This has allowed the population of Malta to express themselves via different artforms often delighting on the world stage.
Malta makes a conscious effort to nurture and develop creativity among its population. Using a strategy of funding and mixing established international artists with locally grown talent has given rise to the island becoming a Mecca for the creative at least in Europe.

This commitment has led to the development of several funding programmes run via Arts Council Malta (ACM). KREATTIV is the branch of ACM that is aimed at developing artistic talent in the classroom.

To this end, schools and colleges may be eligible to apply for funding an artistic project and work with a creative practitioner. This not only provides funding for an art project but the practitioner helps put the project together and pass on creative skills to students. A key aspect of KREATTIV’s input is to inspire teachers and students to develop their creativity and show the value of artistic collaboration.

Should you apply and be successful for a KREATTIV fund you could receive up to €5,000.

The Aims of KREATTIV

Essentially KREATTIV wants to:

  • Implement the National Cultural Policy of embedding creative and cultural entrepreneurship into the classroom
  • Kickstart creative projects in schools and colleges via collaborations between students, teachers, and creative practitioners. The idea here is to facilitate a holistic approach to education through inspiring creativity in young people
  • Encourage collaborations between educational establishments, creative and cultural industries together with other sectors such as science and technology
  • Encourage collaboration between private and public cultural entities and the education sector
  • Create employment opportunities for creative professionals
  • Introduce the idea of a creative career path to children via collaboration with higher education institutions.

Applying for a KREATTIV Fund

To apply for a fund, you will need to have secured the services of a creative practitioner and have a clear project in mind. It is a good idea to download the KREATTIV Fund guidelines which contain important information and submission dates. You can do that here.When you ready to apply, follow these steps:

  • Create a profile via the Arts Council Malta website. Choose the option that applies to you when registering. Click here
  • Check whether your proposed idea is supported by KREATTIV
  • If it is, click ‘Apply for the fund’ button
  • Complete the application in full. You will need to include your proposed budget and attach requested supporting documentation
  • Submit the application. If you have not received an automatic acknowledgement within 24 hours, contact KREATTIV via applyforfunds@artscouncilmalta.org or phone 2339 7020 Monday to Friday between 09:00 and 16:00

KREATTIV Selection Criteria

After your application has been submitted it will go through a selection process. You will be up against others who have applied, so the selection process is quite competitive.

The criterion for selection is as follows:

  • Creativity and Innovation of the Project (25 marks)
  • Impact of the Project on Students and the School (25 marks)
  • Networks and Collaborations (25 marks)
  • Management (25 marks)

Your application will be assessed for eligibility. Providing it passes it will then be judged on the above criterion by an independent evaluation board.  You will receive an approval or rejection of your application on the given date.

Should you be successful you will be awarded up to €5,000 for your project.

For more information visit: KREATTIV