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Festivals and Events

Wondering what’s on while you visit Malta?

Here’s an overview of some of the most popular events and festivals that are held across the Maltese islands.

Notte Bianca is an annual event held in Valletta, Malta.

Notte Bianca Malta – The Arts Celebration you Must Attend

The Notte Bianca festival is a one-day event held annually every October and is one of the largest celebrations of arts and culture in Malta. It is held in the capital city of Valletta and features artists famous and new from the whole spectrum of the arts. Something Malta is particularly good at putting together. The event is free of charge to the public who flock to the event year on year. The organisers of the festival endeavour to do their best to promote local talent who have the opportunity to showcase their art professionally. If you are or ever

Banner for the Malta International Arts Festival.

The Malta International Arts Festival Delights, Enraptures, Educates

The Malta International Arts Festival is like a giant artistic hub offering audiences a cultural experience from around the world. Held in Valletta the arts festival in 2019 will be in its fourteenth year.  The 2019 festival offers daily events from 29th June until 13th July 2019. It is one of many festivals that Malta holds annually. It is always well attended by locals and tourists alike, and many of the biggest name artists in their field flock to the island every year to take part. The Malta International Arts Festival is a cultural feast of new comers and established artists

Malta Jazz Festival logo

The Malta Jazz Festival: Everything you need to know

The Malta Jazz festival is an eclectic mix of the world’s best jazz talent fused with the obscure. The festival lasts for three days and takes place in July. In 2019, the festival takes place between the 15th and 20th July. The event is always held in Malta’s capital Valletta at the spectacular setting at Ta’ Liesse, on the Grand Harbour side of the city. The festival kicks off on the 15th July with a free event at Valletta’s City Gate. Why the Malta Jazz Festival is a Must If you are a music lover or simply want a new

Large floats parade through the streets of Valletta at the Carnival in Malta.

Carnival in Malta: All you need to know about Il-Karnival Ta’ Malta 2019

Carnival in Malta is a highly anticipated event locally. With a long period of preparations for performances, elaborate floats and planning, the excitement around carnival reaches a fever pitch come February. So, what is the carnival all about? Malta Carnival 2019 dates 28th Feb – 5th March What is the Malta carnival? The Malta carnival (Il-Karnival Ta’ Malta in Maltese) is a Catholic religious celebration with roots going back hundreds of years. It is still seen and celebrated by many Maltese people in this vein, although the show and festivities around the event are taken seriously just as much. The