The Malta Arts Fund

The Malta Arts Fund is the funding mechanism of the Malta Council for Culture and the Arts (MCCA).

The Fund is meant to provide a stimulus for investment in local artists and their work. It aims to support artists and arts organisations in fulfilling and realising their potential and in improving their skills and level of professionalism. The Malta Arts Fund contributes towards the strengthening of artistic practice and cultural development both in Malta and internationally.

Submissions to this Fund are competitive and therefore not all applications may be awarded the grant that is requested. Compliance and eligibility with the criteria do not guarantee funding. The MCCA strives above all to support quality and excellence. Projects and proposals are evaluated in terms of established assessment criteria in order to provide the greatest value for public investment. Projects and proposals are selected for funding in accordance to the objectives of the Malta Arts Fund and in line with the priorities of the National Culture Policy 2011.

The Fund is divided into three strands each catering for a particular area within the Arts sector.


The Malta Arts Fund is currently being restructured. The Mobility Support Grant was absorbed under the Cultural Export Fund – please check the tab ‘Cultural Export Fund’ for more information. More information about the fund Spreading Words will be published in May.

As part of the same restructuring and to address better artists’ needs, we also updated a couple of points in Strand 1 of the Malta Arts Fund. Please refer to the updated Guidelines and Regulations of the Fund, especially the sections ‘Definitions’, ‘Project Eligibility and Evaluation’ and our contact details.

Strand 1 | Project Support Grant

The Project Support Grant supports stand-alone arts projects by individual artists, groups or organisations. By selecting a number of valuable initiatives and creative projects for support through this Strand, the outcomes achieved are meant to make an impact on Malta’s cultural, social and economic scenario. The Project Support Grant is split into a further two sub-strands: €80,000 are allocated for Small Projects, and €160,000 for Large Projects.

Strand 1.1 | Small Projects

Strand 1.1 caters for individuals, groups or organisations which are seeking support of not more than €5,000 for a one-off artistic project with a maximum duration of 12 months.

Strand 1.2 | Large Projects

Strand 1.2 caters for individuals, groups or organisations which are seeking support of not less than €5,000 and not more than €20,000 for a one-off artistic project with a maximum duration of 12 months.


Session Frequency

Maximum Grant

Session Budgets

Strand 1.1 - Small Projects

Every Three Months



Strand 1.2 - Large Projects

Every Six Months



*A maximum of 80% of the project expenditure can be funded.

Strand 2 | Organisation Support Grant

The Organisation Support Grant forms part of the Malta Council for Culture and the Arts’ (MCCA) long-term local funding strategy. This strand caters for organisations seeking funds to support their operation in the arts sector in Malta and/or to operate an artistic programme. It will provide organisations whose aims are in line with the goals and priorities of the National Cultural Policy with funds towards both programming and organisational costs. The MCCA’s role will consist of evaluating and selecting the organisations most likely to make the best contribution to the mission of the National Cultural Policy, whilst producing outcomes and reaching long-term goals for the Cultural sector in Malta. The Organisation Support Grant has a total allocation of €100,000.


Session Frequency

Maximum Grant

Session Budgets

Strand 2  - Organisation Support Grant




*A maximum of 60% of the organization’s yearly expenditure can be funded.

Please read the guidelines carefully before applying:

Malta Arts Fund Guidelines and Regulations (EN)

Malta Arts Fund Application Form (EN) 

Please note that each call for applications closes at 12:00hrs (noon).

For any clarifications please contact the Fund Managers on:

t: (356) 2339 7000