Under the world's spotlight
A few days before the official opening of the Biennale di Venezia 2017, Ilona Cheshire from Margaret London offers a behind-the-scenes look at some of the media preparations surrounding this prestigious art event
Friday 28 April 2017
Attracting young audiences
Following the recent publication of the call for Expression of Interest for the Culture Pass 2017 programme, Daphna Attias from Peut-Être Theatre provides a few inspiring tips for those preparing performances for young audiences
Friday 28 April 2017
Connecting with the Community
It is very easy to get lost in your own world, especially when working within a specialised sector. You find yourself thinking only within the confines of your work, and using your own jargon to communicate with the outside world, often with frustrating results
Monday 20 March 2017
Maltese artists around the World
By June 2017 around 1,000 artists, both new and established, both students and professionals, will have left our islands to represent Malta through their artistic works, all through the Cultural Programme of the Maltese Presidency of the Council of the European Union
Wednesday 22 February 2017
Successful Art & Culture Crowdfunding Campaigns
Many think of crowdfunding platforms as a way to fund the latest product or to kick-start a business – and they can definitely do that – yet their scope is far vaster
Thursday 26 January 2017
Moving on!
The launch of an online application system; two new major funding programmes and a packed brokerage schedule. Elaine Falzon, Head of Funds & Brokerage, looks ahead at the year 2017
Tuesday 20 December 2016
Let’s talk about Criticism
UK theatre critic Mark Fisher was recently invited by Arts Council Malta to lead a discussion on critical reviewing in the arts. Here he records his thoughts and impressions
Tuesday 20 December 2016
…for profit or not for profit?
Our Business Development Associate offers a few useful tips for artists and creative professionals looking to set up for-profit or not-for-profit organisations
Thursday 17 November 2016
What’s so good about criticism?
Ahead of a public talk on 'Reviewing the Arts', Dr James Corby looks at how a lively critical culture goes hand in hand with the production and development of high quality art
Thursday 17 November 2016
Cultural leadership - Make it happen. Make it matter
A few days before the start of the 7th World Summit on Arts and Culture, Arts Council Malta director of strategy Toni Attard discusses the notion of cultural leadership
Wednesday 12 October 2016
Strategic planning for the arts
Dr David Stevenson from Queen Margaret University in Scotland recently delivered a three-day training course to Arts Council Malta's strategic partners
Wednesday 5 October 2016
Just a farewell...
As the National Museum of Fine Arts closes its doors, senior curator and MUŻA Project Lead Alexander Debono reflects on a changing visual arts sector in an exclusive piece for artscouncilmalta.org
Wednesday 5 October 2016
Creative Brokerage: one year on
In 2016 our two Creative Brokers have already addressed an average of 335 queries relating to Arts Council Malta’s funding programmes or to the cultural and creative sectors. A year after the setting up of the Brokerage Team, Head of Funding & Brokerage Elaine Falzon reports
Friday 2 September 2016
The B word
Simshar director Rebecca Cremona shares some tips on how to go international
Tuesday 2 August 2016
The world in one city
Ahead of Malta’s participation in the Biennale di Venezia next year, Romina Delia casts a look back at the event’s place in the arts world
Friday 8 July 2016
Crowdfunding: explained
Frances Catherine Farrugia, Business Development Associate at Arts Council Malta, offers a few tips on how to improve the possibilities of getting your arts project crowdfunded
Tuesday 31 May 2016
Social media in the Arts: Building and managing relationships online
Adrian Debattista, Research Associate at Arts Council Malta, offers a few insights on the possibilities offered by social media to the marketing strategies of arts organisations
Thursday 12 May 2016
‘Culture Matters’ – Researching Valletta as a Cultural Hub
Following the recent Culture Matters seminar, Graziella Vella, Research Coordinator - Valletta 2018 Foundation and Adrian Debattista, Research Associate, Arts Council Malta, team up to look at some of the main findings
Tuesday 22 March 2016
Mobile is Everything
Joseph Buttigieg, Education and Training Associate at Arts Council Malta, on how technology is changing education in fundamental ways
Tuesday 22 March 2016
Excuses not to
Head of Funds & Brokerage Elaine Falzon on how 'let’s do this’ often replaces ‘let’s think about it' - and how strategising can make all the difference
Tuesday 23 February 2016
Choosing the Choosers
Arts Council Malta has launched an ongoing open call which will create a pool of evaluators for the next three years until 31st December 2018
Tuesday 2 February 2016
Prepping for the ‘prep year’
Arts Council Malta's director of strategy Toni Attard on how 2016 is a ‘prep year’ for a number of cultural projects
Monday 4 January 2016
Malta Showcase 2015
Through the Malta Showcase, Maltese performers were given the opportunity to showcase their work before 13 international festival producers as well as artistic directors and programmers of future European Capitals of Culture
Thursday 3 December 2015
Giep Hagoort's thoughts on Create 2020
Giep Hagoort, chairman of ERTNAM (European Research and Training Network on Art Management) and Professor Emeritus Art and Economics at the Dutch Utrecht University-UU/HKU, shares his thoughts on Create2020
Thursday 3 December 2015